The Meteorite Milkshake

After the shop is robbed one night, Sloof and Robot set out to replenish their stock of meteorites.  Sloof’s Supershop is, after all, famous for its delicious Meteorite Milkshakes.  Grabbing giant rocks out of the sky is way harder than it seems, and the duo quickly runs into trouble.

Robot's Rockets

The annual Galactic Grand Prix is just around the corner, where the fastest robots race around the stars to find out who’s the best in the universe.  Sloof and Robot plan to cook a brand new quantum rocket fuel recipe, but they’ll need some special ingredients to get it just right or risk blowing up altogether.

The SPASM Headquarters

It's been ninety-nine years, and Sloof needs to renew his swizzarding license down at SPASM, the Society of Paranormal Arts, Sciences, and Magics.  There he’ll need to pass a proficiency test by battling dangerous holograms, exorcising a demon named Derek from an old VCR, and altering the very fabric of spacetime itself.

The PixelBlaster 9000

Sloof invents a video game system that players can get sucked into, and it’s an instant hit.  When the customers can’t get out, however, it’s up to Sloof and Robot to dive in, defeat the final boss, save the princess, and free everyone from digital limbo.

Genie Duty

Like jury duty, every practicing swizzard is obligated by law to spend one day stuffed in a bottle granting wishes to whoever finds it.  When Wickett finds out it’s Sloof’s turn, she immediately sets out to get her own dastardly wish granted while Robot is hot on her trail to try and stop her.