is Sloof’s best friend and loyal lab assistant.  She always has the right tool on hand, a positive attitude, and the quick reflexes to save Sloof’s butt when necessary.  Robot could beat you up, but she doesn’t really want to.  Her hobbies include intergalactic robo-racing, reading romance novels (Forbidden Circuits is her favorite), and jamming out on her built-in synthesizer.

Voice: Moujan Zolfaghari


is the local delivery guy.  He’s fancy, well-groomed, and loves meteorite milkshakes.  Since Wickett’s Wonder World and Sloof’s Supershop are on his route, he’s often inadvertently pulled into their adventures.  This never ends well for him.  He's one of many recurring characters who frequent the shop.

Voice: Ryan Mauskopf



is the supplier of omniscient exposition.  He is an impartial observer, unless you get sassy with him.

Voice: Eugene Mirman


is keen, creative, and extremely accident-prone.  He can think on his feet and almost always has the solution to whatever problem (or disaster) he’s created, even if the first ten fixes fail.  Sloof’s Supershop is world-renowned for its unique stock of magical trinkets and groundbreaking technology, and Sloof works hard to make the coolest stuff around.  When he’s not working, Sloof can be found eating everything and sleeping anywhere.

Voice: Maxwell Frey


is Sloof’s bitter rival.  A brilliant yet ruthless swizzard, she owns the shop next door called Wickett’s Wonder World, widely known to be second banana to Sloof’s Supershop.  A master thief and three-armed contortionist, she often sneaks into his laboratory with ease to steal his secrets.  Her night-job is an undercover spy for the Secret Intelligence Agency – Codename: The Wiggler.  Wickett is just as cunning as Sloof, but her nefarious plans backfire just about as often as they succeed.

Voice: Jenna M. Fryer


is the head of SPASM, the Society of Paranormal Arts, Sciences, and Magics.  As the bureaucratic powerhouse that regulates Sloof’s industry, It’s basically the DMV of sorcery.  He doesn’t have time for your nonsense and just wants to leave at five o’clock without being smushed or zapped to another dimension.  He isn’t actually a hologram; he just pops up on the holo-phone all the time to yell at Sloof, who never bothered to learn his name.

Voice: Joe Garden