Sloof is a big red fuzzy swizzard – that’s a wizard-scientist, by the way – who runs a shop with his trusty swiss-army robot assistant, Robot.  Together they sell everything from love potions to shrink rays to doomsday machines.  But upstairs, in Sloof’s wondrous workshop, unbelievable adventures await as the two concoct new things to sell that defy imagination.



Sloof and Robot live on a small planet in a solar system filled with a billion other small planets that are easy to get to – in fact, mostly everyone gets around on interspace shuttles.  Megulus-4, a bohemian city-planet, is home, and it's full of weird monsters and mechano-men and paranormal stuff like friendly ghost astronauts.

While traffic to Sloof's Supershop is pretty heavy, the same customers show up all the time.  They usually have some problem or specific item in mind, and Sloof has the magic or tech to help them.  If he doesn't, he'll invent something on the spot.



Giant mech fights at the Electro-Arena
Treasure hunting for the occult, Indiana-Jones style
Sorcery competitions
Black hole adventures: you never know where you're going to pop out on the other side!
Easy spells you can try at home (fun 1-minute interstitials)
Full-episode specials: this year's Intergalactic Robo-Race
[See EPISODES for more detailed storylines]



Sloof’s Supershop aims for meandering fun without any sappy mushy stuff getting in the way.  Any character who explodes at the end of one episode is always back for the next, and sometimes the bad guy wins.  That's life.

Each episode consists of episodic shorts of varying length, with no particular narrative arc connecting them.  If you miss an episode, it’s okay!  Three, six, eleven minute stories with some bite-size stuff peppered in between.

These are innocent science fiction adventures for kids; so much sci-fi right now is too heavy and dense and adult-oriented that there's an immediate barrier to entry.  The doors to Sloof's Supershop, however, are always open!